Universal UPA adapter

UPA professional adapter 2019 v3 has DIL 8 sockets for 93Cxx, 93Cxx Rot, 24Cxx, 95xxx, 35080, and SDA (E) 2506 for direct EEPROMs programming. Besides, with TSSOP 8 socket and SOIC 8 socket, you can use it for programming EEPROMs in all types of housing.

PADS for SOIC 8, MSOP 8, and TSSOP 8 for soldering EEPROMs are on the adapter, too. For in-circuit EEPROMs and MCUs programming, you can use PINS on the adapter. For programming BMW, CAS special PINS are placed on the top of the adapter, and they are specially marked as well.

On the bottom of the adapter, there is a connector for direct connection to the UPA programmer.

This adapter is intended for use with a new type of Original UPA programmer only.



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Here’s a tutorial on how to use our UPA adapter:

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