Why Marelli ECU modification?

IMMO OFF or VIRGINIZING ECU is a simple, two-minute job with Marelli Decoder.

This programmer can work with all types of IAW59F/5AF Marelli ECUs, HW<100 and HW>100:

IAW Marelli 59F – HW ver < 100

IAW Marelli 59F – HW ver > 100

IAW Marelli 5AF – HW ver < 100

IAW Marelli 5AF – HW ver > 100

This programmer can also be used for changing the version of software in Electronic Control Units.

More details about the transformation of ECU software are showed in a PC software. The PC software works on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operative systems.

Supported Models: 59FM2, 59FM3, 59FM5, 59FM7, 59FM9, 5AFP3, 5AFP4, 5SF.

MARELLI DECODER Programmer Package contains: 1x programmer & 1x ECU cable.



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Here’s a tutorial on how to use our Marelli Decoder:

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