Why adapter for CARPROG programmer?

5 in 1 is made to increase CARPROG functionality.

The new adapter replaces following adapters:

A4 – CarProg EEPROM programming adapter

A10 – CarProg Motorola MCU programming adapter

A15 – Universal car DASHBOARD and AIRBAG programming adapter

A16 – Car Radio programming adapter

A12EE – CarProg EEPROM programming adapter

Our programming adapter is suitable for all types of EEPROMS and Motorola’s MCUs.

On our adapter, you can find high-quality TSSOP 8 and SOIC 8 sockets, PINS for in-circuit EEPROM programming, and PINS for MCUs. You can use it for direct dashboard programming by the connector, SRS modules, and Car radio as well.

On the backside of the adapter, you can find TSSOP8+MSOP8 and SOIC8 pads for EEPROM soldering. This adapter can be used with your own original programmer or with a clone as well.



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*Note* By Air Post with Tracking €6 for Europe, for the rest of world, is €10.

Here’s a tutorial on how to use our 5-in-1 adapter:

If interested in learning more about 5-in-1 adapter, reach out to us by filling out a contact form. Our experts are ready to assist you!