Dashboard reset, IMMO off & virgin ECU, SRS Airbag reset & clear crash data

World’s most accurate & affordable online service for editing files. Choose the service, upload your file (.bin or .hex), and our team will help you validate and modify it as per your request. As soon as the solution is ready and payment has been processed, the modified file will be sent back to you via email.


MI / KM & working hours correction.

€25 – €33


IMMO off, virgin ECU & read PIN code.


SRS Airbag

Reset SRS airbag & remove crash data.


Industrial & Agricultural machines

MI / KM & working hours correction.

Snowmobiles & Jet-skis

Working hours correction and reset.

€25 – €40


MI / KM & working hours correction.

€35 – €40

We are offering a premium, manual File service with more than 7000 Orange 5 calculators. Check our lists to see if your model is supported.

Special Offers

From our large offer, we publish a professional File service for special brands. Unique offer of reset and mileage change on instrument dashboards and in ECU. 100% satisfaction guarantee. Be free to send us your request, our experts will verify the file and manually modify it as per your request.

Harley Davidson


John Deere

New Holland

Technical support

You would like to correct the hours and mileage on Agricultural or Industrial machines, but you are inquiry about:
Where are data stored?
Chip label?
Where is the chip located on the PCB?
How to read/write data?
What is the connection diagram for that EEpromm / PIC / MCU?
Price for the set: €30
Don’t hesitate to contact us, fill up the contact form, write what would you like to know and our technical support will help you with all these questions.